'It's baseless' Karan Mehra Denies the allegations made by Nisha Rawal

Written By: Muskan Sinha | New Delhi

Karan Mehra has finally broken his silence and has responded to the allegations of extramarital affairs put up by his wife Nisha Rawal against him. Karan was arrested on Monday after Nisha filed a police complaint against him. Later he was released on bail. But, all of this took a new turn after Nisha said that Karan was having an extramarital affair about which she found out a couple of months ago and also confronted him about the same after finding out the text messages. 

Denying the accusations, Karan said that the allegations are bound to come up and he will be linked with many people. he also claimed that the allegations are baseless. "These stories are baseless. I haven't cheated on her and I am not having an extramarital affair," he said.

After Karan Mehra was granted bail, he talked about what happened, he said, "we were going through a strain in our married life and were trying to figure a way out. In the past few days, we came to a point where we decided to mutually separate and do our best for our child. on May 31, we were talking about the finance and how we would distribute things, and we disagreed on certain points. She wanted more than what I could give. I told her, 'what you want I cant give and what you want cant to be given'. I explained to her that the pandemic is still here, and who knows what happens tomorrow and I would want to give my son the best." Karan adds that Rahul Sethia(Nisha Rawal's brother) told him that if he didn't agree to this, both brother and sister would go to court and fight.

He stated that after denying the demands, Nisha entered his bedroom and started to shout and abuse his family and when he tried ignoring the whole ruckus, Nisha banged her head on the wall and said, 'ab Dekho kya Hota'. Karan also stated,'' Five-six years ago, Nisha was diagnosed as bipolar. People, including our friends and relatives, have seen her behavior in public and I couldn't take it anymore".

Nisha Rawal held a press conference on Tuesday in which she talked about the accusations that Karan had put up against her. Nisha confessed that she suffered from bipolar disorder in 2014 making it clear that Karan was unavailable to talk and was completely detached from her. She denied that she banged her head against the wall by saying that being an actress, her face is the most important thing for her. There were some reports of the couple facing trouble in their marriage. However, they were working on it.