Nestle's ‘unhealthy’ food portfolio controversy surfaced, Company in a tough spot

Written By: Anushka Garg | New Delhi

Nestle  one of the world's largest food and beverages company, that makes Maggi noodles, KitKat and Nescafe, admitted in an internal document that more than 70% of its food and drinks are not met with the “recognised and accepted definition of health”. The company also admitted that no matter how much they renovate or change their products, some of its food products will never match the health level.

According to the presentation seen by Financial Times, out of the company's overall food and drinks portfolio, 70% of products have failed to match the health level, alongwith 90% of beverages excluding pure coffee.Other beverages like water and dairy products fared better with 82% of water and 60% of dairy above the threshold.

In a statement on Tuesday, a Nestlé India spokesperson said: “Nestlé India believes that nutrition is a fundamental need and the food industry has a vital role to play in enabling healthier lives. Driven by our purpose, we are constantly striving to increase the nutrient profile of our products, as well as innovate with new and nutritious offerings”.

Nestlé acknowledged in the document that the document that the company's food portfolio still underperforms against external definitions of health.The company has been facing criticism after the presentation and it's now in damage control mode and has said that it will work on updating its nutrition and health strategy.

Nestlé accepted in the document that the company's portfolio still underperforms against the established definitions of health. There were several other Nestlé food and beverages that contained elevated levels of sugar or sodium.The food company said that it is working on a company wide project to update nutrition and health strategy. The group is also updating its internal nutrition standards.