Fuel price continues to rise across the country

Written By: Sweta Roy | New Delhi

The Petrol and diesel prices have been hiked for the second consecutive days. This happens for the 4th times within the first week of this month. The rates have been hiked for the 21 times within 35days. Since May 4, petrol and diesel prices have been raised by almost rupee 5 and rupee 6 respectively. The price of petrol is rupee 95.31/litre and diesel is 86.22/litre in the capital city Delhi and the price of petrol has been reached its all-time high in the financial capital city Mumbai by breaching rupee 100 mark.

The hiked price of petrol and diesel in Mumbai: rupee 101.52/litre and 93.58/litre respectively.

In Chennai same areas: rupee 96.71/litre and 90.92/litre respectively.

In Kolkata:  rupee 95.28/litre and 89.07/litre respectively.

And in Bengaluru: 98.49/litre and 91.41/litre respectively.

The recent hiked in fuel prices are the result of steep rate of taxes imposed by center and state government. The taxes levied by both the Center and the State together contribute 60% of the retail selling price of the petrol and 54% of the diesel. In upcoming days, the chances of relaxation in the price of petrol and diesel seems very less and not going to be in the favour of ordinary people.