Japan's Princess who gave up royal status to marry

ThefirstU Team, New Delhi : On Tuesday, Japan's Princess Mako -- a niece of Emperor Naruhito -- wed her lawyer fiancé, Kei Komuro, in a ceremony that was distinctly lacking in the usual bells and whistles.

When you think of royal nuptials, you tend to think of allout celebrations complete with a lavish public ceremony, thousands of well-wishers lining the streets, and a country caught up in wedding fever. But that wasn't quite the case here.

In fact, it was perhaps as low-key as a wedding can get -- the couple submitted their registration at a local ward office in Tokyo and followed it later with a short news conference.

This muted affair also marked the end of Mako's time as a royal. The newlyweds are expected to move to New York City, where Komuro works at a law firm.